Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am banning myself from fabric shops, Seriously...


Been having a very busy sewing week. Eigse, the Carlow Arts Festival, begins the 7th June so I am cutting and creating some new stock for the Creative Carlow pop-up shop on Dublin Street Carlow town. So as I do when I get any excuse, I go fabric shopping. Lots and lots of lovely fabric. I've also drawn pictures and made notes for designing my own fabric which I am going to start working on at the end of June.  Here's a little picture of a sample of wedding bunting I've been working on. I've drawn my inspiration from "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue" to create a very special bunting using vintage fabrics and buttons and new laces.

In the meantime, I've been spoilt for choice. Got my mitts on some Tilda fabric, two visits to Cath Kidston (seriously could someone ban me from entering the store?) and not to mention the man from UPS arrived on Friday with a new box of goodies from the US (airplanes, dolls, owls, birdcages and much more). Ooh and then of course when you get new fabric you have to get threads and buttons and lace (my new love) and trimmings. And then I let small girl choose some buttons online, the bling, the glitter, oh my! And then you let small girl pick, small boy has to choose some too, its only fair right?

And of course you can't just buy new stuff can you? You have to buy some vintage too to balance it all out. So there's some vintage laces and children's fabrics due any day now. I'm quickly filling the receipts in my new filing folder and moving the fabric into the sewing room with impressive speed.
That's it I am banning myself from buying any more fabric for at least three months. Maybe two??
Have a great weekend,

Monday, 6 May 2013

More Vintage Bunting and Craft Fair


Its a bank holiday here in Ireland today so an extended weekend, can't complain about that! My little vintage fabric phase continues as I finished some bunting complete with vintage buttons. I plan to list on etsy this week, my little etsy shops are feeling a bit neglected so I have to fill them up with some new makes.
I am still trying to source fabrics for my quilt top project. I've set up a folder on pinterest to try and organise it. I set up a pinterest account recently . There is so many incredible pictures on there, you could get lost for hours!

I had a stand at the Duckett's Grove Country Fair yesterday and it was a great day. The sun was shining and there was plenty for everyone to see and do and eat!  The last fair I did (excluding pop-up shops) was the Christmas Fair there in December so I was a little rusty.I've managed to reduce my carrying of ten different boxes down to a more manageable three, made setting up so much easier. I was lucky enough to get a place along the wall so I made a washing line for my bunting.

Marvel comic fabrics were very popular, must let hubby and small boy pick fabric more often!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by or said hello, it was much appreciated. My daughter helped for the day and earned her pocket money. Her first job!
Have a great day,
all the best,

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pimp my T-shirt for children - easy way to transform a plain t-shirt in to a cool one!

Hello, Summer at last! Yippee!!

 The other day we were going through small boys wardrobe and sorting out his clothes. You have to do this every few months with children as they tend to grow rapidly at some stages and then others not so fast! One minute a pair of trousers is far too big and next its just right. And the thing about kids clothes is there is no standard sizing as far as I can tell. What's a size 3-4 in one shop is a 2-3 in another. So hence the reason every few months you have to go through the wardrobes and see what fits and what doesn't.  I learnt this lesson the hard way with my daughter, I used to keep things for good wear and and inevitably when the good day occasion finally dawned said item would be too small.

Anyway we came accross a set of three plain t-shirts , which do fit now, thank you very much! And the three plain t-shirts were a little boring. Children love their clothes, mine do. Ask any child and they'll be able to talk in great detail about their clothes, down to the patterns on their socks and underwear. So I was looking at the plain t-shirts and it occured to me we could style them up a little. I was thinking buttons, patches and then I thought of the lone roll of bondaweb in my sewing room. So quickly as we could (as anyone can holding a 7month old baby) we ran to the sewing room to see what we could do about it all. Here's what we came up with!
First, take your plain t-shirts, you can pick these up in most clothes shops and or supermarkets fairly cheaply.
You pick your fabric (my designer is four and he picked his own!) and locate your bondaweb. Obviously not everyone has fabrics and bondaweb lying about their house but these can all be purchased in your local fabric shop or online. You will be using a small amount of fabric (about a quarter of a fat quarter for a small child) and enough bondaweb to cover this.

Next step is cut out your shape (I did a very simple rectangle) on fabric and place on top of the bonadaweb.

Follow the instructions of your bondaweb. Usually you iron fabric onto bondaweb , ensuring to iron onto the web side. Once it is ironed you can peel off the paper and now place fabric onto the t-shirt and iron again. The bondaweb will glue (spider-web!) the fabric to the t-shirt and lessen the fraying that would occur on the edges each time you wash.
I added a quick line of stitches on the sewing machine all around the edges for extra security.
And ta-da, three cool t-shirts!
They've all been washed and re-worn so it passes the painting/gardening and washing tests.
I'm already planning a new batch!

Have a great weekend,