Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am banning myself from fabric shops, Seriously...


Been having a very busy sewing week. Eigse, the Carlow Arts Festival, begins the 7th June so I am cutting and creating some new stock for the Creative Carlow pop-up shop on Dublin Street Carlow town. So as I do when I get any excuse, I go fabric shopping. Lots and lots of lovely fabric. I've also drawn pictures and made notes for designing my own fabric which I am going to start working on at the end of June.  Here's a little picture of a sample of wedding bunting I've been working on. I've drawn my inspiration from "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue" to create a very special bunting using vintage fabrics and buttons and new laces.

In the meantime, I've been spoilt for choice. Got my mitts on some Tilda fabric, two visits to Cath Kidston (seriously could someone ban me from entering the store?) and not to mention the man from UPS arrived on Friday with a new box of goodies from the US (airplanes, dolls, owls, birdcages and much more). Ooh and then of course when you get new fabric you have to get threads and buttons and lace (my new love) and trimmings. And then I let small girl choose some buttons online, the bling, the glitter, oh my! And then you let small girl pick, small boy has to choose some too, its only fair right?

And of course you can't just buy new stuff can you? You have to buy some vintage too to balance it all out. So there's some vintage laces and children's fabrics due any day now. I'm quickly filling the receipts in my new filing folder and moving the fabric into the sewing room with impressive speed.
That's it I am banning myself from buying any more fabric for at least three months. Maybe two??
Have a great weekend,


  1. Hi Maria, I love your new fabric choices. You make me want to sew. Sounds really exciting to be able to make your own fabric! Good luck with everything and talk to you soon again!

  2. I am also banned from buying new fabric, at least until I've used some of the humongous stash of vintage sheets I've accumulated. Tried to make myself a dress out of one today, it did not end well! Think it will take me a while to use it up if I carry on like this!

    Your bunting is pretty! :)

  3. I see, I received my parcels from everywhere (the last one arrived today!) and now I'm trying to quit...