Monday, 6 May 2013

More Vintage Bunting and Craft Fair


Its a bank holiday here in Ireland today so an extended weekend, can't complain about that! My little vintage fabric phase continues as I finished some bunting complete with vintage buttons. I plan to list on etsy this week, my little etsy shops are feeling a bit neglected so I have to fill them up with some new makes.
I am still trying to source fabrics for my quilt top project. I've set up a folder on pinterest to try and organise it. I set up a pinterest account recently . There is so many incredible pictures on there, you could get lost for hours!

I had a stand at the Duckett's Grove Country Fair yesterday and it was a great day. The sun was shining and there was plenty for everyone to see and do and eat!  The last fair I did (excluding pop-up shops) was the Christmas Fair there in December so I was a little rusty.I've managed to reduce my carrying of ten different boxes down to a more manageable three, made setting up so much easier. I was lucky enough to get a place along the wall so I made a washing line for my bunting.

Marvel comic fabrics were very popular, must let hubby and small boy pick fabric more often!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by or said hello, it was much appreciated. My daughter helped for the day and earned her pocket money. Her first job!
Have a great day,
all the best,


  1. You are right about Pinterest! I can spend hours looking at photos and checking out links.
    Your display looks very enticing. I'm glad I stopped by from Blogging Buddies.

  2. You have created gorgeous Vintage Bunting! Love the fabrics and detail.

    1. Hello Liga, thank you! I am falling in love with lace!

  3. Your stand looks great! I totally would have bought that comic book friend is making me a comic book chair next week(if all goes to plan you will see it on the blog)

    I'll pop over to Pinterest to follow you...I'm totally addicted!

  4. Thank you! I never quite manage less is more, ha ha. Looking forward to seeing your chair (note not to show it any boy in this house in case they get ideas).