Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Girls Dresses & Craft Room Clear out


Nearly back to school time, can not believe how quickly summer has gone. Last blog I was doing a little giving out about school bags etc so I solved the pencil case issue by deciding to make some myself! Hopefully they will last a bit longer than the ones I buy.

I have finished a grand total of seven dresses now, all different styles and fabrics. I am loving it. Am going to try a few 1950s/60s ones next week. I think I'll have to lengthen the dresses though, the 60s ones are very short!! Needless to say you might find some Lollipops & Daydreams dresses on sale very soon.

I been inspired (or shamed!) by the fabulous Tori Jaynes blog and her gorgeous craft room into giving my own space a bit of a makeover. I got this piece of furniture in Carlow yesterday, if you were stuck behind me driving I do apologise, the glass was making me drive about 10 miles an hour.

 I am debating what to do with it, just totally scrub or to paint? In the meantime I have turned my sewing room into a completely upside down. I am on a budget of zero so using lots of imagination, I'll post some pics when it is finished.
Have a great evening,


  1. Hi Maria, summer is not gone, +22C today! Can't believe we are still having this fab weather. Looking forward to see more dresses and your furniture piece looks quite amazing!

    1. Hi Liga, The weather is very confused!! Thanks Liga, I can't believe my luck at finding it!

  2. cute dresses! Cant wait to see how you sort your work space out...please will you come and do mine afterwards :-[]

    1. Hi Anne-Marie, Thank you, if you saw the mess I make as I go along you wouldn't ask!!!