Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Tinahely Show, Country Fair and Making Dresses


Its been a busy summer! Getting things ready for school this week. Small boy is not so small boy any more as he will be starting in primary school. So two sets of uniforms laid out on the guest bed this year! We searched high and low for bags but have yet to find decent ones that dont cost a fortune, fit A4 size things and don't look like they'll fall apart after two months, any suggestions most welcome! The same issue with pencil cases, I might try making ones yet.

I had the fun of having a stand in the Craft Village at the Tinahely Agricultural Show in Wicklow on Monday which was brilliant. It is a huge country fair and a big day out for all the family.
I tried to go for a little less is more in my set-up! An old Barney bookshelf was painted with the fabulous Anne Sloan paint in grey which I got in the Handmade Design Store in Mullingar. I brought a small table for the left side to fit the cushions on as I find they take up a lot of space if I put them on all the main table. I find everytime I set up I learn something new.

It was a very busy day from 10 in the morning until late afternoon with lots of lovely people stopping for a chat, to look and to buy. The atmosphere was great in the tent with some amazing crafts at the other stalls. And you can imagine my delight when I was presented with a rosette for my sewing!

Seriously delighted, its got pride of place in my sewing room now. If you were at the show and you did stop by thank you very much for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

I was telling my mother I was making a skirt for my daughters new doll and she told me I should be making a dress for my daughter and not the doll. Rightly so! And being a good girl, I listened to my mother and made one! Just finished number two and three today (a matching set for my daughter and my little niece). I think I might have a new addiction!!

Hope you are having a great summer (or technically it is autumn).
All the best,


  1. Your stall looks great, so pretty! Congratulations on your rosette! : )

  2. congrats on your stall and rosette, well done! I had same trouble with school bags a few yeas ago but got ones in Dunnes last year (think they are there again) ... one pink, one black, with handles and built in wheels... they are in good enough nick to use again this year. Held all the books and folders and I liked that the children did not have to carry the heavy bags.

    Good luck with the children's dresses, looking forward to seeing them in another post ;0)

  3. Thanks Ladies! I must check that out for the bags.I really think the majority of them are cheaply made and seriously overpriced, made to last a year if you are lucky. I'll have to source an old school leather satchel!

  4. So good to know you've been busy! I hope you find a good school bag, in Italy we used to buy once and for all a Invicta school bag, which I haven't seen here unfortunately, otherwise I'd have suggested it warmly because those bags are indestructible!