Sunday, 8 September 2013

Clothes Recycling


I saw this article yesterday in the , kindly shared by Claire in the Handmade Design Store in Mullingar.

It reminded me of the huge (at the time) television documentary /expose on a few years ago all about how so many clothes found in may of our beloved clothes shops are made in sweatshops, sequins sew-on by children in refugee camps, people basically working incredibly hard , in horrendous conditions for next to nothing. At the time I had a lovely vest top from a certain shop which had the most beautiful design in sequins on it. When I bought the time I honestly did not give seconds thought to how on earth it was possible to make such an item for a few euro. Then I watched the documentary showing small children handsewing on sequins in refugee camps. I could never bring myself to wear the top again.
Food for thought!

Have a great evening,

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  1. Food for thought indeed...thank you for putting such an important topic out there. We all need to start thinking about what we buy and where it comes from. All the best this week...Nicole