Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Daytrip to Dublin


We had a great trip to Dublin at the weekend. There was an airplane show called Flight Fest on so a day trip was in order. I can't pretend to know the first thing about airplanes and helicopters but it was an impressive display even for me!
Next up was a walk around town whilst the boys checked out Marks Models on Hawkins Street, we admired some of the buildings including the old Gas Building, nearly 200 years old!
You just have to ignore the monstrosity that is the Dept of Health building opposite (seriously how did that building not get demolished during the boom years?).

Onto Trinity College, note to self, start college funds asap.
The flight fest was still on so it was very surreal to see planes flying right over heads and so close to the buildings.
Southside over, time to go back North and over O'Connell Street to try to spot the bullet-holes in the Daniel O'Connell Statue. I remember doing that as a child too!
Just enough time for some window shopping, check out the windows in Arnotts if you are walking by. Nice to see a change from dressed mannequins, I think they have been watching Mr Selfridge!
I love living in the countryside but there is days when you gotta miss Dublin!
Have a great evening!


  1. Hi Maria...for my the same as you..I miss big city sometimes ..but only a few hours ...lol
    I was thinking that this mannequin was you ..haha!

  2. Ha ha , that made me laugh outloud! Now that would have been fun!

  3. I would love to visit Dublin!!! It is my dream to take my mom over in the next 5 years and then visit the country!!! Outstanding architecture!!! And yes....college funds need to be started ASAP!!!! All the best this weekend!!!!

  4. I hope you can achieve your dream. I would love to visit New York as its a lifetime since I was there! Our college's are supposedly free but it still costs a serious amount for students, but nowhere near as expensive as other countries. Still though saving asap!!

  5. Hi Maria, it looks like you had wonderful time and perfect weather. Great pictures!

  6. Great photos and beautiful architecture and skies! I want to go to Dublin!