Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birds and Dresses


Another rainy evening in Ireland, what is with the rain this week? Had to empty out water from a few pots on the patio, they were so waterlogged. Baby and I had a time this morning watching birds flying at the front of the house.

One tiny little thing  with a blue body (maybe a finch?) was flying around and next thing disappeared into the bricks, we have Irish stone bricks at the front (you can see a pic with the Christmas bunting on my older posts). And we waited and waited. No bird came back out so I think they must be nesting inside the blocks. Is that even possible? Not sure if that's a good thing either. So we went out to investigate but no sign of the bird. Will have to buy a bird table this year.

Making lots of dresses and Christmas bunting this week.It feels a bit strange working on Christmas things but not as strange as the supermarkets selling selection boxes and Christmas food. Now honestly there is no way I could buy a box of chocolates and leave it in the cupboard for two months without eating it. No way, I guess that's the point of selling the food so early so we'll buy it, eat it and buy it again!  Just finished the John Dere "rag" bunting today, will take a pic tomorrow, it is so simple to do and very effective.
Have a lovely day!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Newbridge Silverware and the Museum of Style


Recently we visited the Museum of Style, part of the Newbridge Silverware visitors centre. Newbridge Silverware is famous for its heirloom cutlery. In recent years the brand reinvented itself as a jewellry maker and more. I have a serious love for their Christmas decorations. As part of their gorgeous visitors centre in Newbridge, a town in Co. Kildare they have a Museum of Style. Free to enter it is always filled with the most amazing clothes from either Hollywood past and celebrities.
Most recently it had a Elizabeth Taylor exhibition, this is a sneak peek at the 1970s more casual outifts which for some reason were my favourite of them all.
This is one of Grace Kelly's costumes which had the smallest waist I think I have even seen on a woman's dress! Seriously tiny. She must have been so petite.
I love love this pink dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's. When I think of the movie I think of the little black dress but now I'm all about this dress. They have a number of Audrey Hepburn's gorgeous clothes, from movies and from her personal life.

Now they have a Lord of the Rings sign outside so I'll have to go back to investigate! My two oldest (but still small) each bought a little something in the shop while we were there and I have to say the woman at the till treated them as though they were spending a fortune, customer service to be proud of.
Must not forget the ceiling that changes colour and the super sparkly lights. I had to tell the children not to lie on the floor, they had settled in quite comfortably for the light show!!!
Well worth a trip!
Have a great weekend,

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Planning a Tractor Party


Another lovely sunny day in Ireland, I am getting a little confused with all the sunshine this year. No longer feel the need to squirt Vitamin K into the children's drinks! Small boy and I have been busy gathering inspiration for his birthday party next month. It might seem like I am planning too far in advance but this is one important date, so he keeps reminding me. Small boy here loves, loves tractors and combines and all things farms and fields related. While no one in our immediate family farms, our house is at the side/section cut out of a field that is farmed and we live in the middle of the countryside so tractor viewings happen many times a day. Hence tractor birthday parties. We set up a board on pinterest to gather ideas:
How brilliant is this? Picture is from pinterest, link above. Apologies but I can't seem to see the original source but will add it in if I can figure it out.

Picture courtesy of Visit
How great is this bunting? I will have to try something similar! And the balloons, what a great idea to tie in the John Deere colours. In case you have no idea what a John Deere is, its a green tractor with yellow wheels!

And of course the cake has to be considered. For the past two years small boy has ordered various versions of a farm themed cake. Age 3 we had a field being harvested:

Next up was ploughing and harvesting:
He has mentioned a sewing and ploughing cake!! Better get doing up lists asap!

Any tractor theme tips send them my way!
Have a great day,

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Yarn Bombing in Kildare Outlet


Busy sewing this week. Yesterday I realised I had work in progress in three rooms of the house! Dining room tables are for fabric aren't they? Maybe not! So I spent at least two hours folding and tidying.
Last weekend we visited Kildare Outlet, an mini Irish version of an outlet village. It always reminds me of a little Woodbury Common ( from back in the days when I got to travel a lot more!). Its a beautifully maintained centre right next door to the National Stud (Horses that is!) and the Curragh in Co. Kildare.

We found this time they'd gone a little mad with yarn bombing. Not an attempt to keep the trees warm as small boy suggested. One could forgive him for thinking that.

These wolfhounds don't look too impressed. I think it was the colour combination!
Any yarn bombing in your area?
Have a great day

Friday, 4 October 2013

New Logo and Baby Boys Bedroom Makeover


Did you ever have one of those weeks where nothing works as it should? I'm in the middle of one of those this week. You tube solved my sewing machine tension issue (thank you to all those people who take the time to post on youtube!) and the broadband eventually came back on (yeah!) but now the sd card from the camera isn't reading. Hmm. Not to worry, worse things can happen! On the bright and cheerful side I got a fab new logo. Thanks to Mary in Nettepatch Design for your patience and skills.

I love it as its so girly and pretty! Will have to wait very patiently now for my new clothes labels to arrive.
I've been working on lots of little dresses and I have to order a few small dressmakers dummies soon as the children here are refusing to try on any more. In fact they only try them on if I promise there is no pins in them (fair enough!). If anyone can recommend a good source in Ireland or the UK please do let me know!!
Baby boy is getting a room makeover this week, below are some frames I painted before for his room, I am using the old airfix toy planes as my colour inspirations, so lots of grey's and greens. I've framed some airplane fabric and I will pop up pics as soon as I get this card problem fixed.

Here is the before picture of a chair which is painted grey now and waiting for me to add the new fabric today
I am using Annie Sloan grey paint which I got in the fab Handmade Design Store in Mullingar. Right back to work and looking forward to catching up on all the blogs now my connection is back.
Have a great day!