Friday, 18 October 2013

Newbridge Silverware and the Museum of Style


Recently we visited the Museum of Style, part of the Newbridge Silverware visitors centre. Newbridge Silverware is famous for its heirloom cutlery. In recent years the brand reinvented itself as a jewellry maker and more. I have a serious love for their Christmas decorations. As part of their gorgeous visitors centre in Newbridge, a town in Co. Kildare they have a Museum of Style. Free to enter it is always filled with the most amazing clothes from either Hollywood past and celebrities.
Most recently it had a Elizabeth Taylor exhibition, this is a sneak peek at the 1970s more casual outifts which for some reason were my favourite of them all.
This is one of Grace Kelly's costumes which had the smallest waist I think I have even seen on a woman's dress! Seriously tiny. She must have been so petite.
I love love this pink dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's. When I think of the movie I think of the little black dress but now I'm all about this dress. They have a number of Audrey Hepburn's gorgeous clothes, from movies and from her personal life.

Now they have a Lord of the Rings sign outside so I'll have to go back to investigate! My two oldest (but still small) each bought a little something in the shop while we were there and I have to say the woman at the till treated them as though they were spending a fortune, customer service to be proud of.
Must not forget the ceiling that changes colour and the super sparkly lights. I had to tell the children not to lie on the floor, they had settled in quite comfortably for the light show!!!
Well worth a trip!
Have a great weekend,


  1. I love all those dresses, I think I like the colourful ones in the first photo best too. And that ceiling! I think I shall have one installed in my flat, it would be marvellous!

    1. Ha ha, I will admit I didn't even notice it until the kids pointed it out, I just thought the lighting was really strange !

  2. This looks like a wonderful day out. Thanks for sharing you pics.
    Ali x