Monday, 20 January 2014

Map Wall Finished, Toddler room upgraded


What a lovely sunny day it was in Ireland today. I might have to put my sunglasses back into my handbag at this rate. My planned map wall for the smallest one's room is finished, yeah! Ta da:::

I had an old Oxford Concise Atlas, which I managed to get from a library for one euro a few years ago. It was a library where we used to live in Co. Kildare and each week they sold off older books as they were replacing with new. (Co. Carlow libraries don't seem to have that level of funding!). The atlas was an old reference book and barely read so perfect for the map wall. I had no plan for the layout when I started. I mixed up the continents and the colours. I added to the wall using my miracle double sided sticky tape. I had to give up a few times as himself thought it would be a great idea if he came up the ladder too! Delighted with the result, total cost was 4euro.

This is a little mix of pictures I rearranged for over his bed. The teddy bear frame was a charity shop find and I repainted the frame on it before. The airplanes picture is a piece of fabric in an embroidery hoop (have cushions in this fabric for sale in my etsy shop). The "Boy" frame I made and the little picture on the bottom right was from a bargain bin in the antiques fair, cleaned up and added a ribbon.

These globes were Christmas decorations I spotted in TK Maxx and I thought they would be great in one of the boys rooms and not on the tree at all. I might attached them to the wall later on.

Very blurry pic, sorry! The butterfly picture is from "Forgotten Pages" on etsy and the frame over the teddies head is actual "gemstones of the world". My late father had this and it is all tiny samples of different stones, I think it fits in perfectly with the new wall and I love that this and the teddy below where things my dad bought.

Another blurry shot!!! This will be smallest one's bed when he moves out of his cot, its a 1940's bed-frame which has had a new base added. I need to change the curtains and bunting next.
Now to figure out what to do in my daughter's room!
Have a great day,
All the best,

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year, Hello 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Oh my gosh where did 2013 go? Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and wishing you all a wonderful New Year! Hope it is filled with all sorts of fun, happiness and good times!

I have just about recovered from a very busy December between fairs and the Carlow Made pop-up shop and of course all the decoration and shopping and not to mention my three little elves! Who had a great Christmas and Santa was very good to them. I am still in complete appreciation and wonder of all the support Lollipops & Daydreams received last year and so delighted with the reception my dresses have received. Still smiling...

Have a list of New Year's resolutions all written up and ready to be tackled. Actually I have two lists, one for business and one for home. I tend to go a little cleaning mad every January which usually results in me emptying the contents of loads of rooms into hallways and then trying to figure out how to get everything back in again. We had a playroom at once stage which was taken away as the kids decided they didn't need it, mainly due to the fact that it meant another room for them to clean. So a serious meeting was held and it has been agreed to reinstate the room, I might be able to reclaim the living room! Which in turn is need of a serious makeover. Have my heart set on a mid-century and 1970s inspired room. . Once the playroom is done there's gonna be no stopping me!
Here's to a great New Year!
All the best,