Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Studio Space


Its unusual to say its too hot to be outside in Ireland but today its too hot to be outside!! Lollipops & Daydreams have a stand at the RDS Christmas Craft Fair in December this year so I've started my preparations. First up was to declutter my studio from top to bottom. When I get busy I have a tendancy to put all sorts into boxes, fabric scraps in piles, pins all over the floor etc etc. So before I could even think about sewing something new a major declutter was in order. This is the after:

My favourite sewing machine, a PFaff, back from its service in Waterford this week. The glass cabinet you might remember came from a local charity shop, it stores all my buttons and favourite china. My pictures are vintage and new.
 I use this rail for popping clothes on if they are finished or if I am preparing for a sale, otherwise its all stored in plastic storage boxes. A few stray Christmas decorations ended up on the end of my curtain rails. I am very lucky that the light is so great in this room, it has one narrow window and one large one. I've just moved the cutting table to the opposite side of the room to take advantage of better light. I've plans to glam up my pinboard this week! The table is a conference table from Ikea and you can adjust the height so I either stand at it to cut fabric or sit on one side on a high stool for pinning.

This is on the wall behind my table, a fabulous canvas by Clare Jordan and a map of Manhattan that I've had for fifteen years. I bought the map on my first trip to New York and the frame was from Habitat.
Of course since the pictures were taken I've begun work on my collection of clothes for Autumn/Winter so it needs a clean again! Hope you enjoyed a look around my space.
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Beautiful! How lovely to have a space to sew in. I love your glass fronted cabinet, I'm drooling over one in a charity shop by me at the moment, but it's £60 and I have nowhere to put it!

  2. What a lovely creative space - light and colourful. Looking forward to following your future blogs Maria