Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and thank you for all the wonderful support for my small business this year!

And here's to the best year yet.
All the best,

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Storing Childhood Keepsakes

I was honoured to write an article in this months Mums & Tots Magazine. With adorable teddies photos by AMC Photography (Website Link)

The article is suggestions for storing and displaying your children's childhood keepsakes, and maybe even your own! Not many of my own childhood toys were kept except for the teddies most of which came with me when I left home and saw me through college, working and are now cuddled by my own children.

How much to actually keep of my own children is something I struggle with and was very touched to read an article by the Minimalists. Click on Link . While I wouldn't be able to give away everything sentimental I have reduced it down to a respectable about and am finding ways to display and store the most precious keepsakes.

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Plates and Frames Feature Wall

I am in the middle of planning a wall revamp! The walls by the stairs in our house have a many framed photos and at the moment in a blue and green colour scheme. I blogged about it here.
This time I really want to make a much bigger feature out of the area and so I am going to include lots of plates, and other pictures, maybe some art and some embroidery hoops.
The gorgeous colours and prints really stand out in these embroidery hoops. I think a few would work really well to bring colour into the scheme.

I don't think I could part with my floral oil painting and stags head from my studio but I love the mix here.

So much better than stuffing them in a drawer!

Great mix of colours and shapes and that wall colour is perfect for making the colours really pop.
 Silhouettes! Might have to add one in.
 Lovely cheerful mix of colours.
 Decoupage, have to get some butterflies into my selection.

What a cute mix of old and newer plates.

I've been inspired by all these beautiful rooms, you can find them on my pinterest page Pinterest
and I've treated myself (sorry I mean treated the family!) to some lovely new/vintage plates to display. Can't wait to get going!
Happy designing

Monday, 24 August 2015

Vintage Children's Clothes

My collection of vintage children's clothes is slowly growing, I picked up a couple more last week.

This is a 1930s little dress, one of my favourite decades for fashion. The colour of this dress is so unique, its not one you see on many!

A close-up, you can see there is marks and a few little holes but it is still an incredible piece.

The pattern in more detail.

The back of the dress

A little close -up. I think you can tell this is my favourite!!

Found this illustration on pinterest, 1920s children's fashions. I can see some of these inspiring some new dresses.

Another new one for my collection, a sheer little blue dress, in good condition.

Close up

It has a little mark but given it is over 60 years old that's forgivable.

This is a little boys shirt, which must have been attached to a very high waisted trousers. There is always a great mix of hand sewing and machine sewing on the vintage clothes. Its unusual that a hem is not hand sewn, at least from what I have collected so far.

These have all since been washed and I hoping a little washing and pressing will do wonders!
And now I am off in search of 1930s children's patterns to try to recreate the first dress.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Peacock Inspiration

There is something so beautiful and majestic about peacocks. This beauty lives in Altamount Gardens Carlow and no visit there is complete without a sighting.

Its rare to catch him with all his feathers on show. The sun was shining behind him so hard to capture the colours, but trust me you could see them all in person. And he has without a doubt inspired my latest fabric purchase. I bought it to make a cushion cover but couldn't resist making a little dress too.

It is a beautiful fabric, the colours are incredible and the hints of gold running through it, make it even more luxurious.

These photos are from all pinned to my pinterest board Peacocks, which you can find here.Pinterest Board

Wow!! Amazing capture.

How incredible is this peacock cake? It is amazing, a real work of art.

Rarer still, the white peacock.

A close-up, so beautiful.
No doubt this incredible bird will continue to inspire!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Altamount Gardens, Co. Carlow

Altamount Gardens , Tullow, Co Carlow is one of my favourite local places to visit. It always seems you know exactly what season it is by the gardens there. The house was built upon the site of an earlier house from the 16th century.

The peacock at Altamount (being chased by my children in this photo!) getting ready to fly.

 The entrance into the gardens with its stone walls and iron gates.

A little look into the walled gardens, Plant Sales and Cafe area. In summer the beauty and height of the plants growing in here is a must see. The Plant Sales contain plants and flowers that you see around the gardens and much more. You'll see varieties and colours that you can't find in other places.

 The lake itself is a manmade creation built in the 1850s . The colours and growth change dramatically with the seasons. Spot the little statue!

Glorious flowers everywhere.

 There is something to see in every inch of the gardens.

No trip is ever complete for children without a climb into this magnificent tree in the middle of the main garden.
This is just a small glimpse of the garden, I haven't mentioned the woodland walks, the walk along the River Slaney, the 100 steps, The Temple.
And entrance is free! We live not too far away and sometimes it feels like our local park, what a grand local park to have.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Fabric Deliveries and Girls Bedroom Ideas

 This was a week for ordering and buying fabric both locally and online. Some gorgeous fabrics that arrived this morning, lots of unicorns and fairies. I both the peacock fabric locally, having gone in to purchase plain creams only.  Having already promised my daughter a fairy cushion (another one!) and possibly unicorn curtains, this is still in negotiation.

I found some gorgeous rooms on pinterest for further inspiration , you can find the links to all these pins here My Pinterest Page

These little shadow box shelves are great for displaying treasures as well as being practical. I love how these are all at different heights and colours, perfectly accessible for a child.

Unusual bird silhouettes on the wall along with beautiful prints and that flooring is a work of art!
 I have an ongoing fascination with Hot-Air Balloons and adore this amazing bedroom wall I found on pinterest. How inspiring is that to look at?

This room has such soft colours, such a dreamy room.

Love grey walls, there's a fight going on between grey and white in my house! Grey can make other colour pop so week, as you can see in this room. Am a little envious of the branch hanging rail.

Another amazing rail, why hide your clothes when they can be a feature itself. I do wonder if I hung all my own clothes in my bedroom on display, I would probably end up removing 75% of my wardrobe contents. Might try this next time I am cleaning out!

Hope you found some inspiration as I have from this gorgeous rooms.