Monday, 5 January 2015

Fabric Wreath, what to do with little fabric scraps


Back to work full of enthusiasm this week, there's nothing like the New Year for a little kick-start! I decided at Christmas time I wanted to make something to add to our family's stock of Christmas decorations. Every year I make a few more to add to the tree but this time I wanted to try something different. And I had all these little scraps of Christmas fabrics leftover from making dresses which were too small to do too much with. I happened upon a picture of a fabric wreath and decision was made!
These pictures are my inspiration, you can find all the links at

How pretty is this, I love the fullness of this pink one.

Gorgeous greens, and love the door colour too!

Another pretty mix of spring colours

Lovely and full

So inspiration, check. Then I just so happened to be in Rathwood, a local store here in Co. Carlow and sitting in the clearance section for Euro5 was this perfect base for my wreath.

I've started to add some fabric and I think I may have picked a pretty hard one to fill but not to worry it will look fabulous in the end (I hope!). I'll keep you posted,
Have a great week,


  1. So beautiful friend! You have inspired me for Valentines Day! Love them! Happy week to you!! Nicole xo

  2. Oh that would be beautiful for Valentine's! I am still working away on it, there's a lot of gaps to be filled.