Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Frill dresses and Beautiful Vintage Children's Dresses

Today was a day of sewing frills and more frills for me. The fairy dress is very popular this week and I have to admit it is one of my favourites I've ever made. I use a selection of laces at the top so there will only every be a few of each one. I was inspired by vintage dresses when making this one.

I found some beautiful photos of vintage children's dresses on pinterest recently, here are some of my favourite. This burgundy frock is by Carol Carter from 1945. It has an Annie (the original movie not the remake!) look about it.

The next one is by Daisy Stanford from 1924-26 and I find this so beautiful.

As a huge Art Deco and a new Art Nouveau fan, this dress appeals. Its simple, yet beautiful.

This next one is an incredible dress made in 1942 in wartime England. One can only imagine it was patchworker together out of smaller pieces of fabric, not having one larger piece available. The hours and the love that must have gone into this one make it so special.

You can find the links to these dresses on my pinterest page

Have a great evening,


  1. Those vintage dresses are so beautiful. I love your fairy dress too, what lovely fabric.

    1. They are fab, I can't pick a favourite! Thank you re fairy dress, oh its a pretty one, a flower fairies, the wings of the fairies glitter, I would have loved it as a child!!