Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Vintage Children's Clothes


I was writing an piece recently on storing childhood keepsakes and got me thinking about what items we should keep and also what was kept from our own childhoods. Being a child in the late 70s/early 80s pretty much everything from clothes to toys was passed onto relations and family friends. There was one dress kept which is this little number. It is a very pretty polyester 1970s number, Made in England tag. I actually took a photo of my daughter in it when she was two!

I lot of the dresses I design are inspired by vintage clothes, and I have started to collect a small number of dresses from the different eras. This is a 1950s little number. So delicate and pretty.

Next is a 1960s smock dress in a pale blue

Next is another 1950s number which is so tiny it must be for a newborn or even a doll. It is stained as you can see.

My next step with these three is to try to restore them a little. I am going to wash them and try to get them into a better condition. As they are vintage and delicate I'll follow the same principles I've applied in the past for restoring dolls vintage clothes. Mainly use washing powder, they are stronger than you think but being very careful with reds and blues or any strong colours that could be prone to colour run. I have them all washed and air drying today so I'll show you the new photos very soon, touch wood they turn out well!

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