Monday, 24 August 2015

Vintage Children's Clothes

My collection of vintage children's clothes is slowly growing, I picked up a couple more last week.

This is a 1930s little dress, one of my favourite decades for fashion. The colour of this dress is so unique, its not one you see on many!

A close-up, you can see there is marks and a few little holes but it is still an incredible piece.

The pattern in more detail.

The back of the dress

A little close -up. I think you can tell this is my favourite!!

Found this illustration on pinterest, 1920s children's fashions. I can see some of these inspiring some new dresses.

Another new one for my collection, a sheer little blue dress, in good condition.

Close up

It has a little mark but given it is over 60 years old that's forgivable.

This is a little boys shirt, which must have been attached to a very high waisted trousers. There is always a great mix of hand sewing and machine sewing on the vintage clothes. Its unusual that a hem is not hand sewn, at least from what I have collected so far.

These have all since been washed and I hoping a little washing and pressing will do wonders!
And now I am off in search of 1930s children's patterns to try to recreate the first dress.


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