Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Plates and Frames Feature Wall

I am in the middle of planning a wall revamp! The walls by the stairs in our house have a many framed photos and at the moment in a blue and green colour scheme. I blogged about it here.
This time I really want to make a much bigger feature out of the area and so I am going to include lots of plates, and other pictures, maybe some art and some embroidery hoops.
The gorgeous colours and prints really stand out in these embroidery hoops. I think a few would work really well to bring colour into the scheme.

I don't think I could part with my floral oil painting and stags head from my studio but I love the mix here.

So much better than stuffing them in a drawer!

Great mix of colours and shapes and that wall colour is perfect for making the colours really pop.
 Silhouettes! Might have to add one in.
 Lovely cheerful mix of colours.
 Decoupage, have to get some butterflies into my selection.

What a cute mix of old and newer plates.

I've been inspired by all these beautiful rooms, you can find them on my pinterest page Pinterest
and I've treated myself (sorry I mean treated the family!) to some lovely new/vintage plates to display. Can't wait to get going!
Happy designing

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