Friday, 3 February 2017

Toddler Floor Beds

Toddler floor beds at first glance seem to be another trend on social media for children's decor. But there is a theory behind it all. If you've ever been inside a creche or montessori play school the children always nap on floor beds. I will put up my hands and admit that I did presume this was a safety issue (and no doubt it is) and also a cost saving initiative (ten beds would cost a lot!). But it all developed from the Montessori Method of thinking about children.

The Montessory Method as developed by Dr Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor, is a way of thinking about childcare and education. Its theory is to encourage independence, freedom for the child and to encourage development. Having had children go though both play based play school and montessori I will admit to preferring a mix of the two! But all children are different and what suits one may not suit another.

From this school of thought came the idea that floor beds are ideal for children of a certain age. There is no issues of climbing up into beds, everything is at their level and so the idea is to encourage independence.

The toddler bed can fit in very easily with all room styles and can be made relatively cheaply from wood. You can find many instructions online for this including this one below.

They lend themselves to being easily painted and styled up! I wouldn't recommend hanging bunting, lights etc within reach of the toddler so make sure anything like that is well secured or hanging elsewhere.

All images are from Lollipops Pinterest page

Happy Decorating!

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