Thursday, 18 January 2018

Indoor Plants

I love indoor plants but in the past I've never had much luck with them. By luck I mean they never lasted too long under my care!

Over the last year I wanted to improve the air in my studio, lots of sewing and threads and machines means a lot dust, and as someone who is prone to allergies, dust, hay fever, asthma! I really wanted to find a way to improve the air in my workplace, but as naturally as possible.

So I began to do some research and came across the health benefits of indoor plants. We all know the benefit of trees in the environment so it follows that
indoor plants will do the same.

There are a number of plants that are particularly great for
air purification.

Theres a great article here on the benefits Chasing foxes article

Some of these plants are very easy to source and are low cost and maintenance. The first plant I got was an indoor Ivy plant which I also managed to propagate easily. You just take a cutting from one plant, pop it into water and a couple of weeks later it will have grown new roots , and a brand new plant for free!

I've also become a huge fan of succulents and cacti which are also very easy to maintain and can be a decorating feature also!

Beautiful selections of plants and planters

The monstera plant is popular at the moment and I spotted them in Ikea for euro15
 IKEA has a great selection of indoor plants but you can pick them up in local garden centres and even supermarkets.

Back to the whole keeping houseplants alive, I realised the main thing I was doing wrong was overwatering. I was watering daily, and once a week is usually enough (check care instructions for each plant). Every Friday I water the plants unless I spot leaves starting to droop!
Also a lot of indoor plants are not a fan of direct sunlight, which is great for hallways and studios like mine that aren't in direct sunlight.

A few months down the line of filling my room and my house with indoor plants (I can't resist them these days) I find the health benefits are there
I can not recommend enough!

A corner in my dining room, my monstera and a little one I picked up in Lidl.

You can find links to all these images on my pinterest page here Pinterest Lollipops Daydreams Plants

Happy Indoor Planting!