Sunday, 29 April 2018

Vintage Children's Pattern Illustrations

I adore the clothes illustrations on vintage children's patterns. They are pieces of fashion history and represent some of the key fashions of different decades.

Like the pages of fashion magazines or ad campaigns for brands, they do put forward an idyllic view of different decades. In decades where mass produced ready to wear clothes were not available, these were the clothes that patterns that home sewers or local seamstresses would use to take inspiration from to make clothes for children.

1930s , serious children! Beautiful neckline details with short dresses.

Classic aline shapes with sailor inspired necklines

More 1920s/30s with collar details, sleeves and matching panties for underneath

McCall's pattern, happy children!

Very classic colours, exaggerated aline shapes.

1930s , gorgeous necklines! 

The illustrations in this post range from the 1920s up to the 1970s. Obviously there is very little diversity in the models portrayed! The 1920s and 1930s are very serious looking children. The 1950s the children are allowed to smile, no doubt a representation of what was going on socially and also the mindset of post world depression and world wars advertising.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Lollipops and Daydreams Summer collection 2018

Location: Glenbower Woods, Killeagh, Co. Cork

Clothes : Lollipops & Daydreams

The beautiful location for the shoot was the stunning Glenbower Woods, Killeagh, Co. Cork.  It is 10km west of Youghal so a perfect spot if you are touring around that area and need a break and some fresh air!
The woods were in the ownership of the DeCapell family from 1182 until 1933  (source) and is now open to the public. It is incredibly beautiful and I am sure the perfect place for a Sunday walk.

For summer we wanted to create a collection that was colourful and fun. One where the clothes could be worn on their own, or, simply layered with a top underneath or a hoody/cardigan over, as the Irish summer tends to be a little unpredictable but bearing in mind you could be wearing the dress on a beach somewhere warm!

The unicorn party dress is perfect for special occasions but you can always wear it everyday. The separate pieces like the 1970s top worn here with a organic cotton feather skirt , can be teamed together or styled with clothes from your child's own wardrobe.

For Summer we choose a mermaid print which is available in both pink and aqua.
The summer floral print dress has such a beautiful colour base, could work with so many shoes, sandals and other clothes!

 Of course no collection is complete without some unicorns and rainbows! This blue unicorn dress now comes in a choice of colour, blue or pink.

The wearability of clothes is so important to us as children need to be able to run and play in comfort!

Enormous thank you to Ann-Marie and to the girl's mothers. I am blessed to work with such talented people.

Hope you enjoy the new collection which you can find here 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading

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