Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Small World Ideas


As summer seems to be finally arriving here in Ireland, it won't be long until play schools and primary schools are closed for the summer holidays.  I found these amazing ideas for small play for younger children that could be done at any time of the year but you could add some great summer and holiday themes in.

Small worlds are play worlds, miniature and play versions of real or imaginary worlds. I found these wonderful images on pinterest. If you follow the link here to my Kids craft board and here to my homeschool board you can see more ideas and follow to the blogs below.

Many different worlds to create, from a zoo to a pirate adventure to magical fairy lands.
It has been suggested that small world play helps support the development of children's social, personal and emotional skills through role play. It also helps with imagination. One day you could set up a small world yourself and then maybe another come up with a theme together and help source the items from around the house.

A fun day at the beach! 

This one looks like such fun to do outdoors and one older primary school children would like to get involved in too. You could easily do this in an area of your garden, doesn't have to be a sandpit. I think the idea of running water down it appeals to most children! 

This amazing one recreates the book "What the Ladybird heard" , a favourite here. You could follow the story along the play farmyard! 

More ideas for animal habitats. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. We've done many similar over the years here, especially animal ones and car related themes. So much fun to be had on a rainy day!