Saturday, 14 December 2019

Children's Interiors


I love decorating my own children's rooms and there is so much amazing design inspiration to be found online.
These are some beautiful rooms I discovered on Pinterest. I shared them on my Instagram and Facebook stories and they were very popular so I'm adding them here in case any one wants to look at them again!

So beautiful! Adore the wall paintings.

 The polka dot decals add some very easy colour to the room. It's a great way to add interest for a small cost and can be easily changed.

 Beautiful furniture and a great way to display photos and art.
The sleepover room of dreams!

 Perfect for small children,  the books are easily accessible and the book rail is great for display and books can be rotated.
Incredible use of a small space. You can fit in storage under the bed.

 Separate little rooms make for great defined play areas within  room.
 Love the vintage look of this room.

The sleepover room from another angle. Equally beautiful!
A lovely soft colour room. Can be easily updated as your child grows. Perfect mix of vintage and new.

I hope you find these rooms inspiring! Please follow link above to pinterest to bring more details to each image.
Happy decorating and dreaming 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Christmas dresses and bunting 2019


I introduced a few new prints to our Christmas collection this year including the very popular grey and pink houses aline dress.

There had to be some traditional red so I chose a gorgeous rich nutcracker print. All our aline dresses are fully lined.

Modelled photos are by Una o'Connor photography.

All the fun of the season.

Our stocking bunting is back,  it's my seventh year making it and I love adding different colours and prints. This one is a mix of blacks and golds.

This nutcracker one is one of a kind, most of them are or a very small batch of a few at the most! These are great for using year after year.

Delighted with the response to our Christmas collection and honoured to be part of families holiday occasions.

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas